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Our Cocktails

We offer a wide range of cocktails from various categories, aiming to cover all preferences and tastes.

Our cocktails are designed having the latest international trends in mind.   

Whether you prefer tiki, fruity and exotic cocktails or classic mixed drinks, we have the know-how to custom create any cocktail and satisfy your needs and those of your guests. 

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The Ingredients

We strongly believe in using fresh and natural raw materials in our cocktails. We believe in the value of localisation and strive to source the raw materials locally.

We use traditional products from Skopelos Island, such as prunes, citrus and herbs in our cocktails.

Other ingredients are sourced from all over the world: limes from Brazil, roses from India, juniper from Bulgaria etc 

Welcome Drinks

Your guests have just arrived at the venue! Make them feel right at home by serving them a refreshing welcome drink!

Whether it is a light cocktail with sparkling wine or champagne or a non alcoholic mocktail, we can surely find the perfect Welcome Drink for your event!

Welcome Drinks

Cocktail Menu

Exactly what you desire...

We offer a wide selection of cocktails with various spirits. So the best option is to come and have a chat with us regarding your preferences.


Our professional bartenders will be able to guide you in selecting the right cocktails for your event!

Cocktail Menu
Open Bar

Open Bar

No stress, no anxiety, no limits!

The open bar option is by far our most popular one, serving classic mixed drinks with a custom cocktail menu, soft drinks and water. 

Your guests can enjoy simple drinks and quality cocktails all night long! 

Non Alcoholic

One of the internation trends is the shift towards healthier beverages with low or even no alcohol. 

For the guests who don't wish to consume alcohol, we have a wide range of non alcoholic beverages such as smoothies, juices and of course non alcoholic cocktails.

One of our best sellers is our homemade lemonade which is a true example of farm-to-glass practices.

Kids Menu

Make it a special day for your child!

All parents want to do something special for their child's birthday.


We fully organise Kids Menus with healthy mocktails, smoothies, virgin cocktails and fresh fruit punches without alcohol and low in sugar.

So whether it is a childs birthday or a christening, a Kids Menu will be the option for you.

Kids Menu
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