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Vrachos Events and the venue are located on the island of  Skopelos.

The Island of Skopelos is located in the northern Aegean Sea and is part of the North Sporades Complex.

Skopelos Island is known as the "Emerald Island" due to the lush pine forests covering almost 75% of the total island. In fact, back in 1996 Skopelos was awarded as the greenest island of the Mediterranean!

We are located centrally in the town of Skopelos, the capital of the island, above the Town Hall. 

The venue is only 400 meters from the main port which makes it an ideal location for a quick visit to enjoy the view and our wide selection of coffee beverages or cocktails.


The easiest access point is the "main entrance" using the staircase located next to the Town Hall of Skopelos. 

There are several other routes one can follow to get to Vrachos and some of them can get you quite close by car. 

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