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Our History

The Family Home

The building dates back to the early 20th century and was constructed by our great-great grand father, Yiannis Lemonis. 

Since its completion, circa 1910, it was our family's home and has remained unchanged for more than 80 years.

The Venue

The terrace, the view, the gossip

The square where the house is built has always been an important centre of the towns social life. 

It was the meeting place for the inhabitants of the island due to its physical location overlooking the port of Skopelos.

Women would often meet on the square called Βράχος (Vrachos, meaning rock) and observe the arriving ships, awaiting the return of their loved ones.

The Bar

Due to its ideal location, Vrachos has always been at the centre of the social life of the island. 

A local successful businessman, Mr. Nikos Vlachakis had the idea to turn the family house into a bar.

In July 1992 the doors of Bar Vrachos opened for the very first time. 


Since its opening, there have been numerous successful businesses operating Bar Vrachos, each one adding their unique character and style.

After almost a quarter of a century, the lease ended and the bar returned to our family.

In 2016, Vrachos Cocktail Bar was re-launched by Mina, Yiannis and George, the great grand children of Yiannis Lemonis.


We constantly aim at bettering the products and services we offer our guests. 

Recognising the demand for a unique wedding venue, we expanded our business so that wedding could be held in house, offering our services to hundreds of guests simultaneously. 


That led to the formation of a catering business and the creation of the website you are currently reading.  

And that is only the beginning of our journey...

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