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The Know-How

Knowledge is power - and we keep on learning new things and acquiring new skills. Our head of bar has an experience in the hospitality industry of almost 20 years, taking part in international conventions and leading seminars. 

The Vrachos team has highly specialised expertise and is applying modern techniques such as the pioneering Zero Waste philosophy for waste minimisation in everyday cocktail preparations, preserving the natural beauty of Skopelos and minimising the environmental foot print.

The Staff

We value our guests satisfaction as one of our core values. And that is why we constantly train our staff in order to not only serve the finest cocktails, but be able to cater to numerous guests, under pressure and in high volume effectively and efficiently. That applies to both service staff and bartenders. 

The Equipment

Our bar catering services are fully equipped to cater to your guests. We have all the necessary equipment and glassware required for producing classic and modern cocktails as well as signature twists.

Our facilities are equipped with high-end preparation equipment in order to keep our ingredients as fresh as possible retaining their aromatic profile and taste. This allows us to create unique recipes tailored to you preferences. 

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