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The Venue

Vrachos all day cocktail bar is centrally located in the old town with the emblematic view of the island's port and seafront. 

The terrace has a surface area of 120 meters squares populated by tall blackberry trees capable of offering shade to more than 200 guests. 


The above, make Vrachos as a venue the ideal location to hold your dream wedding, to renew your wedding vows or hold any event you have in mind. 


The Chapel

The Chapel of the Holy Apostles on Vrachos is dating back to the 11th century and is one of the oldest on the island. 

The traditional Christian wall paintings that decorate the interior of the church are exquisite and has a wooden carved iconostasis. 

The chapel is said to have been built over an ancient pagan temple dedicated to the godess Athena, one of the islands majour deities.

The terrace

The Vrachos terrace is a public space and therefore the public has access to it to enjoy the view and the cool breeze during the warm summer months. 

The terrace has an overall surface area exceeding 120 meters squared.

Under normal operation of the bar, it holds more than 230 seated guests.

The maximum capacity is limited only by the seating arrangement which is custom depending on your needs.

Panoramic view


Vrachos all day cocktail bar is a destination known amongst others for its amazing view. 

Its panoramic view exceedes a 240 degree angles starting from the port front and the amphitheatrical town of Skopelos to well past the Panagitsa church. 

Each time of the day offers a unique experience for our guests with the ranging colours of deep green of the pine forest surrounding the town and the elegant blue of the sea during the day, to the brilliant rose/pink and orange of the sky at dusk. 

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